A Comprehensive Analysis of a Significant $SAND Deposit on Binance

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    The Datafi
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  • A substantial deposit of a cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange typically leads to substantial downward pressure on the token's value. Recently, Datafi has observed a noteworthy on-chain indicator.

    • A substantial cryptocurrency holder transferred 21 million $SAND to Binance.
    • The trading volume experienced a noticeable spike.
    • According to on-chain analysis, this wallet is believed to be associated with Sandbox's inner circle.

    Recently, Datafi has observed a notable on-chain event that has drawn its attention. A wallet identified as "Token Millionaire" deposited 21 million $SAND, approximately equivalent to $10 million, on Binance via another wallet on January 6th at 6 PM (UTC). The trading volume of $SAND on Binance has increased by 33 million with a 12% rise in price since the deposit was made.

    There is speculation that this deposit was made to draw attention since The Sandbox, the platform that utilizes $SAND as its utility token, is launching a new game feature (Game Maker 0.8). This wallet is believed to be an insider of The Sandbox as it has received $SAND from the vesting for foundations and advisors.

    It is important to keep in mind that:

    1. On February 14th, there will be a vesting unlock of 348 million $SAND, equivalent to $161 million or 11.6% of the total supply, for early investors, funds, and the team.
    2. A significant deposit does not necessarily result in an immediate dumping of tokens. Tokens can be kept on a centralized exchange (CEX) for extended periods and sold gradually.

    SAND is an Ethereum ERC-20 utility token that powers The Sandbox, a multiplayer metaverse where players can create, monetize, and participate in blockchain-based gaming experiences. SAND is used throughout The Sandbox ecosystem as the basis for transactions and interactions.