From $7M to $12M in January: What to Learn from this Smart Whale

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    Smart Money refers to wallets that consistently generate profitable returns in their trades. These wallets are believed to have an edge over the general public, as they may possess insider information or have a wealth of trading experience. Keeping a list of reliable Smart Money wallets offers a chance to mirror their lucrative trades.


    Datafi has identified a whale trader.

    • The trader's balance increased from $7 million to $12 million in January.
    • A recent receipt of the token MAGIC from Binance was detected.

    Update on February 2:

    • MAGIC saw a 30% increase in value following the receipt.
    • After receiving LRC from Binance, LRC experienced a 16% surge.

    Update on February 7:

    • The trader withdrew NMR and VOXEL from Binance, which subsequently witnessed a 40% increase.

    • It is advisable to exercise caution.


    Datafi detected a successful smart trader regularly operating on Binance. The trader's portfolio experienced significant growth in January, increasing from $7 million to $12 million, or a gain of 71%.


    Group 78 (31).png

    Its portfolio on Debank on Feb 1, 2023.


    The trader's portfolio on DeBank as of February 1, 2023 highlights notable gains in $MAGIC (+200%), $LDO (+100%), and $ANKR (+40%).

    The Flipside dashboards provide a comprehensive view of the trader's trades in LDO and ANKR.


    The trader recently acquired an additional $300,000 worth of MAGIC, purchased at a price range of $1.2 to $1.3. The wallet address for this trader is 0x4322fd98f95a219d2aae2bba6664e3574b4c3708.


    *Updated: As of February 2, the value of $MAGIC has risen by over 30%, and the trader received $336,000 worth of LRC from Binance. This resulted in a 16% increase in the value of LRC. However, it is important to exercise caution, as the whale's popularity has grown, and the prices have already appreciated.

    **Updated: Following smart money wallets, such as this one, can provide valuable insights and inform investment decisions. On February 7, the trader withdrew $NMR and $VOXEL from Binance, which were then followed by a surge of approximately 40%. However, it is important to keep in mind that many people are now monitoring this trader, and its deposits and withdrawals may influence market perception.