Whale Realizes Profits through IMX and Other Tokens

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    The Datafi
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  • The recent market uptrend has brought about significant gains for traders. Datafi has observed a whale wallet who has obtained substantial profits.

    - This whale has received $IMX, $BIT, $SAND, $MAMA from Loopring (a DEX)

    - Subsequently, the whale deposited $IMX and $SAND on Binance.

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    Specifically, at 00:52 UTC on February 8th, the whale transferred approximately 3 million $IMX to Binance. The wallet received these IMX from Loopring, a decentralized exchange platform similar to dYdX, four days prior.

    It is likely that the whale transferred the IMX to Binance in search of an exchange with improved liquidity. In addition to IMX, the whale also received $BIT, $SAND, $MANA, and transferred $SAND to Binance.

    Given the substantial growth in the value of these tokens, it is possible that this is a profit-taking move. It remains to be seen if the transfer of 3 million IMX will result in a short-term change in price.

    For your reference, the wallet's address is: 0x40a511de41d71a466b229ff9f3ec5444b4c7b6b0.

    Token IMX is an Ethereum-based token powering Immutable X, a solution for scaling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the aim of facilitating near-instant and low-cost transactions.. IMX is used for paying for transaction fees, incentivizing users and developers, and for staking on Immutable X.